Award Description

The award consists of 5 echelons and a Magnum Award, the latter being the highest possible level of achievement. A crystal trophy, mouth blown lead crystal, hand cut with diamond stones and hand engraved with copper wheels, in different shapes and sizes, will be awarded to the successful applicant. 

Costs per Echelon- Full Application:

Successful applicant will be invoiced with a fee, for each Echelon, of 3.000,00 € (threethousand Euro)
(1st. through 5th.).

The “Magnum Ullmann Award” costs 6.000,00 € (sixthousand Euro).

Cost per Echelon – Listing only: 1.000,00€ per Echelon

The net revenue from these fees is allocated by the Executive Committee to support nature conservation projects in Europe.